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A community limited company formed by three councils combining. They offer an extensive catalog of support services for schools - including online booking of courses, supply teachers, products and services.

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The Brief

Edsential needed a partner to help them start up a multi million pound private company - which replaced the LEA layer in supporting schools. The company litterally went from 5 employees to hundreds over night as staff were transfers from the existing council services.

The brief was to make a complete solution for schools to get the support services they require - and access the account status. This included payment balances, integrations with Sage via VeCommerce, course bookings (with availability limits), multi date events, eCommerce sales, eLearning sales - the list goes on.

Edsential and Senses continually work together to ensure that the continued phases of the site are carefully managed and released, while supporting all the backend systems to ensure the administration staff can easily manage such a large system.


The Technology

Nothing is made of one thing. We combine the best of what's out there, along with cutting edge solutions - so that your project can be all that it can be.

The Result

A site which has been universally praised by all the schools which use it and the Edsential team. This may seem like an easy thing to say, but when you're dealing with thousands of clients, this type of feedback is hard to come by.

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