Spanish style Wine bar and Charcuterie in the heart of Preston, Lancashire selling high quality wines, independent beers & fine foods.

Bodega Design

The Brief

An eclectic assortment of fine tapas meals served by Duk-Pond restaurant frequently tantalises the taste buds of diners who keep going back for more. With a dining experience that is valued by many, the much-loved restaurant company wanted us to create an online experience to potential and loyal customers.

The Bodega website reflects the restaurants atmosphere, respects the brand and showcases the wonderful delicacies of the restaurant in Preston, Lancashire.

By taking inspiration from the uniquely decorated restaurant, deli and bar chain – Senses created a website that adapted the Peruvian and Arabic inspired restaurant decor, and applied it to a clean and user-friendly interface. A true reflection of the passion for food and the soul embedded in the routes of the restaurant, Senses made sure to provide a way of managing content easily and simply through the use of WordPress. For a company with menu, event and offer changes, it is important for not only the developers, but also that the owners are able to update the website whenever needed. Social networking access via the official website, as well as PDF menus – created to carry the same style as the website- allows customers to really soak in the essence of the restaurant and the great workings of chef and patron Andrea Mellon and her fantastic team.

Taking time to truly understand the needs of the company, aided Senses to form a website that could be the online face of a brand devoted to making people – more importantly their stomachs- extremely happy.

Duk Bodega
Duk Bodegat Duk Bodega
Duk Bodega
Duk Bodega
Duk Bodega
Duk Bodega

The Technology

Nothing is made of one thing. We combine the best of what's out there, along with cutting edge solutions - so that your project can be all that it can be.

The Result

Exceptional brand exposure and a 200% increase in online bookings made the website an instant and continuing success.

Duk Homepage

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