About Senses

Our mission is simple.
We exist to create long lasting bonds with clients and create things our clients and their customers love.

Services That Deliver

We design and build beautiful digital solutions for the jewellery industry that make a difference.

Web Design & Marketing

Our dedication to client success and love for creative flair has led to some of the finest websites in the jewellery sector.

Bespoke ePos Systems

We developed our own specialised jewellery ePos system moulded around your specific needs and requirements.

Photography & 360 Video

Jewellery is such a visually centric industry and we recognise photography plays an integral part in the success of every project.

Support & Maintenance

Our support is what sets us apart, and we back this up by the unique way we charge. Ask any one of our clients.

Our Clients Are Part Of The Team

We create relationships and a working culture our clients love.

No Up-front Charges

Senses have a culture of strong client relationships, working together towards a common goal. What makes that relationship strong is our vested interest in each one of your projects.

Our approach of not charging on delivery, with an affordable pay as you go scheme requires us to back up our promise of creative flair, professionalism and exceptional long-term support to retain your services - A risky approach from our perspective but one that has proved fruitful for our clients.

Our Focus

Immersing ourselves in jewellery for the last decade has focused our passion to create digital solutions that stand out in such a competitive market.

You get what you put in. We have a very work orientated approach. We put in the hours, build strong bonds, collaborate to create quality digital solutions that make a significant difference for our clients in a very competitive marketplace.

We Know Jewellery

How We Work

We Start With A Cup Of Tea & Listen.

Every company is different, and we need to learn all about you, if we are to represent you. The more we immerse ourselves in your world, visit your stores and understand your competition, the better.

Now We Begin

The sites will go live and that’s it - right? We don’t follow that route. For us it’s just beginning. Ensuring your site moves in the right direction, evolves with your company and it’s every changing offering is crucial to its long-term success.

Getting The Right Solution

Every site we create is bespoke - and our designs will create a selection of visuals and concepts for us to discuss and tweak until they are just right - no matter how many revisions that takes.

Unleash The Developers

Linked to our easy to manage CMS / Backend system, our developers make sure your site works perfectly on screens, tablets and phones, performs excellent on SEO to ensure your well placed in the search engines and delivers the very best user experience.

No Nonsense Results

Services That Deliver

Jewellery Marketing & Websites

We create some of the finest websites in the jewellery sector. With over 20 years of experience we know what details make the difference. We focus on the user experience and echoing your brands core values off and online

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Bespoke ePos Systems

We have developed our own specialised epos system and integrate with the leading epos systems such as Pursuit, Clover and Bransom. Whichever route you choose we will ensure your staff have a simple solution to manage.

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Photography & Video

When you’re dealing with a product which is so visually centric - photography becomes a crucial element to get right. We do all our photography ourselves and have the equipment and post production skills to ensure the perfect picture.

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Support & Maintenance

Our support is what sets us apart, and we back this up by the way we charge. We are invested in ensuring we deliver exceptional service whilst ensuring your website and system grow with your and world’s requirements.

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Websites & Marketing

Systems That Give Results

We make modern websites using the latest frameworks and coding architecture, so they work perfectly on every device, feature well in the search engines, user friendly and quick and easy to manage, all backed up with well-structured digital marketing strategies.

System Key Features

Our website framework built around an easy to use administration system that is easy to understand and quick to manage with live chat in the back office to assist the client.

Whilst our sites may look amazing, they are easy to navigate, and work perfectly on the latest mobile devices. backed up with social integration tools and live chat that will assist both the user and conversion rates.


It doesn’t matter how much confidence you give people spending thousands online is a big ask. So we have integrated with some of the leading finance suppliers to help. A case example is v12. They offer 0% to the client and payment upfront to you. They take the risk and your customer gets an attractive payment plan.

Having customer information opens the ability to encourage secondary sales, or up sales. We know what they have purchased - and we know their tastes. Using intelligent email marketing, we can automatically send reminders when servicing is due.

Email Marketing

Emails are a powerful marketing tool if they are done right, and its hard work, but worth every moment. Emails which are interesting, visually stunning and offer your customer base actions to encourage conversions are great for everyone.

Social Media

Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay and it’s a powerful marketing tool. When you join all the dots up with your other online adventures it can drive significant footfall.

Senses can manage your social channels - tying it in with other marketing events both online and offline leaving you to focus on selling.

Staff & Customer Friendly

ePos Systems

A bespoke, intuitive epos system that is moulded around your specific needs. Simple easy to use interface with just the tools you need to run your business in an efficient and profitable way.

Customer Service At A New Level

Purchasing items is a simple thing, but rarely puts the customer first. Bits of paper is not really the ideal solution in today’s world, and results in a GDPR issue(s).

We have created an EPOS system which is customer focused, given you all the tools to ensure you know everything about a customer the moment they walk through your doors - and of course - online.

Knowledge Is The Greatest Sales Tool

Giving your sales staff instant access to a customer’s likes, purchase history (for example) gives them a head start. It might seem the simplest part, but it matters. We bring the information they need to their fingertips.

Having customer information opens the ability to encourage secondary sales, or up sales. We know what they have purchased - and we know their tastes. Using intelligent email marketing, we can automatically send reminders when servicing is due.

Less Hassle For Your Customer & You

Receipts automatically emailed to the customer - not that they need them. Their transaction is stored, so if there are any issues with their purchase you have all the warranty information right there.

Who wants to chase after a little piece of paper on a executive purchase? Obviously, this is a complete system, which means it was built from the ground up to work both in store and online as a complete system. No expensive bolt-ons - which typically are dreadful

No More Tills

Floor space is expensive, so why create a barrier between you and your customers. Time to bin the till and have one in your hand. Our epos works with any computer, tablet or phone device, meaning you can spend more time with your customer.

We don’t lock you into buying specific hardware at inflated prices. You can choose, or we can supply - but it will never be overpriced. Why would we do that to our partners?

Support & Maintenance

We are around 24/7

IT Support

Whilst we don’t sell IT support, we do have a room full of IT experts! So, if your computers are being naughty, we are of course here to help. If you can’t work effectively - we want to solve it.

Talk With Us.

We are always on the phone, always available to talk things through, no matter what. We meet up with our clients regularly - to ensure we know exactly what is happening on the ground


Jewellery photography is an art. Getting across in an image the sparkle and the clarity is no easy thing.

We have taken literally tens of thousands of images, using specialist equipment and software which we developed) to create the highest quality pictures.

Obviously, we have made this portable, so we can come to your premises - taking thousands of terms off site isn’t exactly an option.

Once the raw photography is done, it goes to our inhouse expert who will touch up (by hand) every piece ready for production use. Every image you see on this proposal is a real image of an actual piece we have photographed.

360-Degree Videos

New this year we have state of the art equipment which will allow us to provide your site with interactive 360 rotating videos of your products.

It’s another phase of expertise we are adding to our offerings to our customers

Let Us Wow You

Ready to take it a step further?
Let’s start talking about your project or idea and find out how Senses can help your business grow.

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