What it means to work with us

We recognise that it’s a big deal selecting a digital company to partner with. So why should you choose Senses Web Solutions? Well, apart from the flair for creating outstanding results for our clients, we actually care - which simply enhances the work we do together

What to expect

When you hire us you’re hiring a team of strong minded passionate designers, developers and thinkers. We talk a lot about our approach, strategy, process and results but we genuinely have a deep rooted urge to produce something of value for our clients. We truly believe the harder you work, the better the end result.

We are definitely not a profit driven company and not desperate to take on just any customer. We are passionate about what we do and expect the same from the clients we partner with. Passion for something you collaborate in is infectious, pushing on all parties in the pursuit of excellence and the best possible results.

Are we the right fit for you?

You have probably noticed we have an eclectic mix of clients from various industries. That’s because our skill set, impeccable design work works equally well across many spectrums and because our collaborations are long term, understanding how we both work, what makes each other tick, sharing the same common values and goals.

In the 7 years we have traded we have amassed a large portfolio of clients who feel comfortable working with us and remain our clients now. But that’s just our track record. Feel free to challenge us with something new.

Who are you partnering with?

A talented mix of experience and youthful energy, dedicated to the cause...

Ian Lawton

Ian Lawton

Design Director


Before co-finding Senses Web Solutions, Ian was head of digital design for a national ad agency. He creates contemporary and intuitive designs creating visually stunning info graphics, web site layouts and – well anything that you can think of. With the aid of the coding team, Ian’s wonderful visuals are brought to life.

Matt Hiscock

Matthew Hiscock

Technical Director


Matt is a founding partner at Senses, and has a background in delivering high profile technical projects. He is also an experienced (Prince 2) project manager lead large IT / Development teams. With leading knowledge in coding languages and frameworks, Matt has the experience to ensure that even the most demanding projects are made on time and to the client’s expectations.

Matt Hiscock

Katrina Bedford

Project Manager

Matt Hiscock

Rob Lees


Matt Hiscock

Ross Dexter


Matt Hiscock

Jacqueline Eidsforth

Client Manager

Matt Hiscock

Dave Higginson

Artist / 3D

Matt Hiscock

Emily Taylor

Content Author

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